Online Gaming

I have been involved with online gaming for many years now, initially playing Enemy Territory, a free multi player WWII shootem up. Together with my buddies Scythre, Jae, and Agent Orange we pretty much dominated a German headshot server for a while and were never too far from the top of the ranking table.

After that World of Warcraft came along and that has pretty much been what I have been involved with since it came out in Europe.
I started off with a guild called Cult of The Slayer which was mostly made up of a bunch of people from work. The guild kinda drifted apart and I stopped playing WoW for a while due to a relocation to London.
However, once WoW gets a grip it's kinda hard to let go and I found myself drifting back into the game and joining a guild called Ancarim Iron Legion, which is where I'll be hanging my hat for the forseable future.

Fragso is my main character, a night elf rogue. Hovever, I have three other characters at maximum level, (80), with a few more well on their way.
WoW will quite easily take all your time if you let it, it is a very clever format where there is always something more to achieve and you are never quite finished with it. With over 11 million players worldwide it is by far the most popular MMORPG, (Masively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game), on the market just now.

In future I may be looking at the new Star Wars game which will be released sometime soon(ish). But I think I'll always keep coming back to WoW, and wherever I end up AIL is definately my home.