Music is pretty important to me, but these days it's more about playing than listening.

I'm a sucker for instruments and a bit of a magpie for things in general.
My current flat looks like a recording studio with keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, banjos, ukes, blues harps, mikes etc all lying around.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm any good at any of them, they just share the living space with me.

Like a lot of people, the first instrument I owned was a battered old guitar. I say owned rather than mastered as it's an instrument I don't think I'll every get really good at. I can jam with others on easy stuff, play a couple of songs, know some chords, but mostly play for my own enjoyment. That to me is what it should be like.

The first instrument I picked up was the mouth organ or blues harp to be more precise. When I was at college I started to get interested in it as it was portable, unusual, cheap, and another friend of mine was learning it too.
This led to a band being formed called Blew Smoke where my friend was a regular and I would go to the recording studio and help out on occasion, (on account of having two small kids, I couldn't commit time to do more).

It was great fun and led to other things.

The long gone electric guitar was replaced by an acoustic guitar due to my renewed interest and I would make up daft wee songs for the kids, concerning wee fishes in the fish tank and other such topics that are important to young people around bedtime.

My most recent purchase is a banjo. I love the banjo, it's great fun to learn and when you nail a song it feels like quite an achievement.
Watching some of the tutorial videos on you tube scares the life out of you and you feel that there is no way you will ever be able to play it. However, with a little practice every day I'm getting there.

I'm sure I'll dump some examples of my tunes here in the future for your infotainment.