A man's gotta eat.

In my opinion that means he should learn to cook too. If you like eating the two go hand in hand.

My first interest in cooking was Chinese food. I love the way they balance ingredients to adjust sweet, sour, salty and bitter to produce something that is delicious.

Moving on from there I turned my attention to Indian cooking, curries to be precise.
A properly made curry is a wonderful concoction of flavours that impact your tastebuds at different times and with different intensities to deliver the ultimate eating experience.

Italian cooking came next where it's all about ingredients. Whatever is fresh and in season at any given time is what dictates what makes it to the table. Sauces are key and add a richness to the food that must, of course, be complimented with a good wine.

I'm now looking into more rustic and traditional dishes, things we all remember sitting down to on a daily basis. Good wholesome food cooked well. However, as always, bits and bobs from the styles above tend to creep in to give each dish a particular zing. (I believe thats the essence of fusion cooking).

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