A bit about me

Fragso is a name I have been using online now for years.

In real life I'm a forty something male who lives in Scotland where I earn a crust working with computers.
My main area of expertise is in solving business problems and making sure that IT service provision is delivering the goods. I'm not really a hands on techie, though I know lots about lots and can learn what I need to know to get the job done.

Programming is a hobby I have had since I was at school and I've written loads of applications from games to large multi-user databases. My current area of interest is web development, (hence the site), and I'm learning some PHP.

I like pottering about with music and art too and play, (with differing degrees of skill), guitar, banjo, mouth organ (or blues harp to be more precise). On the art front I paint mainly in oils and acrylics but only for my own enjoyment, (check out some of my stuff in the hobbies section.)

I love my cooking, though the kitchen I have at the moment isn't really all that large to work comfortably. You sort of have to clean up behind you as you go.